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DMB test for The Hague

19 July 2007

T-Systems has launched a five-channel mobile TV test in The Hague. Developed for the Dutch mobile TV provider Mobiele Televisie Nederland (MTV NL), the test broadcasts are in the digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) format. The system has yet to receive its media license in the Netherlands, writes Sharon Lock.

Helmut Egenbauer, CEO of T-Systems subsidiary Media&Broadcast, said: “With this model project, we’re offering our Dutch partner the opportunity to test drive DMB with selected customers. We’ve gained extensive experience with this system in Germany, and we’re already running several networks on the basis of DMB. Recently we were also able to put networks for mobile TV into operation to the satisfaction of our customers.”

Media&Broadcast integrated and tested the necessary technology in Germany beforehand and then set everything up on site. Mobile TV can be accessed in the greater Hague area and runs on L-Band, which is already being used in Germany for DMB networks. The system offers good reception for mobile end-devices such as handhelds and cell phones via small transmission antennas, which are easy to install.

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