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DK-Technologies announces compact audio loudness meter

28 April 2011

The latest addition to the Danish manufacturer’s range of high-end audio and video metering products is the DK Meter, which has been designed to meet increase demand from the market for cost-effective stereo and 5.1 metering, including loudness.

Two versions of the new CALM (Compact Audio Loudness Meter) DK product were shown in prototype at NAB: the DK1, which is suitable for anyone working in stereo, and the DK2, which is aimed at the 5.1 surround sound market.

The DK Meter comes with its own desk-mount, accepts digital audio inputs, and is supplied with all-known loudness measurement recommendations, as well as the standard DK-Technologies in Europe.

Priced at $1295 (US) and €995 (Europe), the DK Meter is due to begin shipping by July.

Richard Kelley, director of sales and marketing for DK-Technologies, commented: “In light of the recent CALM legislation in the US – and the latest ITU and EBU recommendations regarding audio loudness in Europe – broadcasters have been crying out for cost-effective and easy to use metering technology that helps them keep within the guidelines. This latest addition to our range fits the bill perfectly. It draws on DK’s many years of experience in the audio metering market and addresses all of the issues broadcasters currently have with measuring loudness. What’s more, like all of the meters in our range, this new product can be easily updated to accommodate any new standards that might be introduced in the future.”

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