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DiViNe intervention at Sveriges Television

17 February 2012

Broadcast Manufactur’s Digital Video Network (DiViNe) has been installed at Sveriges Television (SVT) after a request from Studio Hamburg MCI for four independently configured automatic routing systems via a modern, fibre-based video stage box concept. DiViNe is designed to provide routing and repeating, as well as transport and distribution of multiple professional SDI video signals over fibre-based infrastructures, preconfigured to customer requirement at the time of order. This is accomplished by WDM multiplexing/de-multiplexing, enabling multiple distributions through single fibre or COAX cables. The system itself can be constructed from a series of modules, which use DiViNe building blocks to create a multiple channel distribution system with or without routing. The devices consist of Route66, Route33, Repeat66, Repeat33 for flexible applications, and Repeat48 as standalone SDI to fibre converter with or without WDM multiplexers. The individual devices can be tailored to provide solutions for specific projects with a requirement to send, receive, multiplex and de-multiplex as well as convert professional video signals, including SD, HD and 3G. “We designed for SVT an auto router for video, where the stage box can be connected anywhere and the central router will always route the channel to the correct position, explained BroaMan/Optocore founder Marc Brunke. “In addition, we provide solutions which are entirely cost optimised.” All devices offer routing and signal repeating respectively, as well as the ability to convert the signal from electrical (BNC) to optical (fibre). Every product can be configured differently to handle up to 66 (or 33 in the half populated board) 3G video channels respectively.  Each unit can be delivered in 1RU or 2RU housing, depending on the number and type of BNC SDI and fibre interfaces required. The 2RU frames are equipped with up to 24 SDI ports for SD/HD/3G video and up to 56 simplex LC fibre ports while the 1RU frame will support up to ten SDI and eight simplex LC fibre ports. SDI ports can be delivered as inputs with adaptive EQ, inputs with reclocker; outputs with or without reclocker and selectable I/O. Optocore can also provide black burst sync. In addition, the internal logic is upgradeable and comprehensive status control is offered via LED banks on the front. The system can be controlled remotely via external control platforms (like VSM) or routed automatically. Route/Repeat 66/33 devices can optionally be equipped with standard Optocore FX boards, which are taken from their popular R-series devices, to seamless add audio and/or data routing to the system. “DiViNe technology presents a unique solution,” stated Brunke. “We can route, distribute, and we can take multiple video and audio channels and put them down a single fibre — in fact there’s almost nothing we can’t do with this system.” Since the device is already complete within its own frame (and inherent power supply), even a large system can be installed inside two hours. The layout is more logical than other systems on the market, and is more energy and cost-efficient. It also offers a higher channel count and more flexibility than competitive models. DiViNe technology will make its world broadcast debut at NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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