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Distributors reach audience of over 2 billion with ZOOsubs

6 October 2014

ZOOsubs subtitling service enables independent distributors to provide localised entertainment content to a global audience of over 2 billion viewers, the company has announced.

The cloud-based service from ZOO Digital produces subtitling for blockbuster features, episodic series and music videos in over 55 languages and all formats, making video content accessible for both established and emerging global markets.

Growth in the international consumption of video entertainment offers independent content owners the opportunity to distribute localised video content to wider audiences. The increasing number of digital distribution platforms, such as iTunes and Netflix, provides a cost-effective means to do so.

ZOO’s software-powered approach is a solution for independent content owners wanting to provide localised content to these markets. As ZOO president Gordon Doran explained, “Through the cloud, ZOO can provide a scalable service to enable independent distributors, as well as major Hollywood studios, to deliver localised content to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide.”

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