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Dimetis unveils BOSS Cloud management system

18 October 2013
Dimetis unveils BOSS Cloud management system

Software supplier Dimetis has announced the availability of BOSS Cloud, a scalable distributed management system that works in conjunction with BOSS Broadcast Manager and BOSS Local Controller to monitor and control devices in large networks.

The new BOSS Cloud as part of Dimetis BOSS Broadcast Product Suites is designed to increase the capability of the Dimetis BOSS BROADCAST Manager system.

The number of network devices and overall traffic are escalating, particularly in IPTV and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) networks. Centralised management systems face new technical challenges such as managing a high number of devices throughout the network, managing large volumes of traffic from these devices and controlling local devices that are physically far away, or have high latency in communication. Dimetis aims to solve these issues with its BOSS Cloud.

BOSS Cloud and BOSS Local Controller can be used to move a management system closer to the network elements within a network region, while continuing to provide a centralised view of the status and operation of the overall network.

“We are excited to launch this new product which is designed directly from customer requirements,” said Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh (pictured), COO and president, US division, Dimetis. “Customers have run into scaling issues and performance degradation from just a single centralised management system. The unique value in BOSS Cloud along with BOSS Local Controller is in controlling local devices, especially automatically with user defined scripts. This gives operators and their customers much value and quality of services.”

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