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Dimetis and Thomson announce integrated solution

26 March 2014
Dimetis and Thomson announce integrated solution

Dimetis, a software supplier providing OSS solutions, has entered into an integration solution partnership with Thomson Video Networks. Through the partnership the companies aim to create state-of-the-art solutions utilising the Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager integrated with the Thomson Video Networks ViBE CP6000 Contribution Platform.

“We are excited to be working with Dimetis,” said Christophe Delahousse, president of Thomson Video Networks. “By integrating Dimetis’ powerful software solution with Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE CP6000 platform, we are able to give operators the tools they require to transport live content anywhere and anytime. This partnership with Dimetis brings innovative technology to our customers.”

Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh (pictured), COO and president, US division, Dimetis, added: “Thomson Video Networks is a trusted partner of leading broadcasters around the world and a unique supplier with an exceptional commitment to quality at every stage. Customers can benefit greatly from the combination of their technology and expertise in video compression and the Dimetis BOSS LINK Manager. The resulting solution gives customers state-of-the art power and video quality to manage their networks effortlessly.”

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