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Dimetis implements FIMS into BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager

5 December 2012
Dimetis implements FIMS into BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager

Dimetis has implemented the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS), established by EBU and AMWA in 2009, into its file transfer solution, BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager (pictured).

This important step increases the efficiency of workflows in file-based SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) production environments, for the creation and delivery of content across a wide range of media.

FIMS is an open standard for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). An SOA-based approach replaces the tightly coupled devices and functions found in traditional systems with a set of ‘Media Services’ that are interoperable, interchangeable and reusable. FIMS 1.0 provides standard interface definitions for media ‘capture’, ‘transfer’ and ‘transform’ services and is already moving forward with a forthcoming extension to the specification for ‘repository’ services.

“By the adoption of FIMS, expensive and disruptive incompatibilities in IT-based broadcast production technologies can be avoided and the adaption to future delivery formats and platforms is simplified,” commented Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh, Dimetis COO.

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