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DigitalGlue wins three major contracts

29 October 2014
DigitalGlue wins three major contracts

Systems integrator DigitalGlue has been awarded three large-scale fulfillment contracts. The company will provide hardware, preconfiguration, and support for a multiplatform video and music network, Spanish television network EstrellaTV, and satellite broadcasting company Microspace for end use in a Fortune 500 financial institution.

DigitalGlue was contracted by the network to configure and deploy Harmonic PVR-8100 receivers for an installation across affiliate broadcast stations and cable headends. Spanish TV network EstrellaTV purchased Harmonic PVR-8100 receivers from DigitalGlue along with its fulfillment service for network deployment. Finally, Microspace Communications has contracted DigitalGlue for the purchase and integration of a Verimatrix encryption system for its Raleigh, North Carolina headend, as well as integration services for end-user equipment configuration and multisite rollout for one of its customers, a Fortune 500 financial institution.

“These new large-scale fulfillment contracts reflect our ability and capacity not only to work with best-of-breed manufacturers at the headend, but to provide the necessary logistical and technical support services to roll out the equipment throughout an entire network,” said Sean Busby, president of DigitalGlue. “These services are only enhanced by our ability to provide customised, online video training; in-house software development to fine-tune workflows to our customers’ exact requirements; and an assortment of financial services.”

Networkwide and affiliate-specific receiver configuration, as well as full testing, are performed by DigitalGlue’s engineers at the company’s operation and engineering facility in Murrieta, California. The team will integrate all components and unit tracking information prior to shipment to end users. DigitalGlue has a technical support staff to assist in the installation process and a full lab for fault simulation and troubleshooting.

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