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Digital Vision reveals makeover

14 April 2011

Digital Vision is being renamed and rebranded Image Systems, following the completion of its acquisition of Image Systems for 5 million euros. The business was presented as the new Image Systems at the NAB Show earlier this week.

“Our promise and number one priority is that (customers) will receive the same high-level dedication to customer service that has marked these companies since their inception,” said Mikael Jacobsson (pictured), CEO, Image Systems, who will assume the role of CEO for the combined companies, which will trade on the Swedish stock exchange.

“The breadth of R&D for all divisions will be significantly expanded,” he also said in the statement. “There will be greater opportunities for product integration and cross selling of applications and products. DI, restoration and archiving systems will grow. Combining the Golden Eye scanner and the Nucoda and Phoenix systems, we will deliver end-to-end solutions that are unique to the industry.”

Nucoda Film Master and Phoenix grading and restoration tools, the Precision touch-screen grading panel, Golden Eye Archiver, and Golden Eye III — the company’s newest scanner, which integrates with Phoenix and Film Master — will be among the featured products in the company’s NAB stand.

“I want to make it clear that the core strengths of Digital Vision; its team, its expertise, and its customer-centric attitude will powerfully guide the new Image Systems brand. In addition, the product line names, Nucoda and Phoenix, will remain untouched, keeping the customer connected to these highly regarded Digital Vision tools.” Jacobsson said in the statement.

The company will operate with three new business units: Media, Defence and Motion. The Media business — led by Digital Vision vp, marketing Martin Bennett — will be headquartered at Digital Vision’s London office, which will house sales, marketing and product development.

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