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Digital TV grows in Europe

13 October 2014
Digital TV

Eighty seven per cent of EU households received digital television in 2013 with Finland, Greece, Italy and the UK having achieved 100 per cent digital penetration, reports Broadband TV News.

In Germany, the share of digital TV households amounted to 69 per cent, based on figures from the new Television International Key Facts 2014 study released by IP Network, the advertising sales subsidiary of RTL Group.

DTH satellite (33 per cent) is the most popular method to receive digital TV in Europe ahead of DTT (29 per cent) and cable (14 per cent). IPTV penetration amounts to 11 per cent. France leads the way with 40 per cent while in Germany only 5 per cent of households have opted for IPTV.

With 97 per cent, nearly all EU households have a TV set; 56 per cent have at least one additional TV set. Seventy seven per cent of the households (2012: 70 per cent) own a HD-capable TV set and 20 per cent (2012: 14 per cent) a connected TV set (smart TV).

In Germany, the penetration of modern TV technology lies above average: 79 per cent have HD screens and 29 per cent a connected TV set.

EU citizens watched 236 minutes of television per day in 2013 on average, one minute less than in 2012. Romanians lead the way with 340 minutes of daily TV consumption while Germany notched up 221 minutes.

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