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Digital Rapids adds to Digital Transcode Manager

15 January 2014
Digital Rapids adds to Digital Transcode Manager

Digital Rapids has released new software components adding powerful capabilities to its Transcode Manager 2 automated media processing software and its underlying Kayak technology platform. New functionality includes support for mixed-platform distributed workflows including ProRes encoding on Mac OS X, DVCPro and DVCPro HD input format support. It also features new video mixing features for overlaying text, graphics, timecode and additional video such as full-motion logo bugs into multi-layered compositions.

The new mixed-platform workflow capabilities build on those of Kayak, enabling tasks within individual workflow designs to be allocated across a combination of Windows-based and OS X-based systems. This lets users leverage platform-specific tools and advantages within a single workflow while managing it in Transcode Manager 2 and spreading the processing load between the systems.

Initial Kayak Engine functionality on OS X enables encoding to the ProRes format on a Mac system alongside actions running on a paired Windows-based Kayak Engine as part of a larger media process. The complete, combined process appears as one unified workflow in the Transcode Manager Server interface. The new component for decoding DVCPro and DVCPro HD compressed media further expands Kayak’s roster of supported formats, enabling files in these formats to be used as input sources within Kayak workflows.

“We’ve received tremendous customer response to our flexible, mixed-platform workflow functionality since we first previewed it at IBC,” said Darren Gallipeau, product manager at Digital Rapids. “We’re excited to now make it available to our customers with the release of our first OS X based Kayak capabilities, which we plan to further expand with additional distributed processing support and Mac-based functionality in the future. The new video mixing features also create new efficiencies for our users by enabling them to easily create visually customised and branded variants of their content as it is being processed into its final deliverable formats.”

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