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Digital Ordnance fires up 3D

21 February 2008

Digital Ordnance is debuting the 3D version of its industry-standard Frame Thrower review and approval system at the current HPA Technical Conference in Rancho Bernardo, California, claiming that it is the first 3D system in single enclosure with dual 4:2:2 outputs designed specifically for post, writes Andy Stout.

Daryll Strauss Digital Ordnance founder and CEO commented: “We’ll be showing Frame Thrower 3D for the first time at the HPA event. We’ve been aware for a while that more and more production material is coming into post houses in 3D; this has created a bottleneck in the facility as there hasn’t been an elegant way to view the images easily. Frame Thrower 3D fixes this issue and we’ve already had some great comments from 3D production & post companies who’ve seen the prototype. We’ve put everything in one enclosure so the product is easy to install and we provide dual 4:2:2 outputs for left and right channels so hooking up to the display is very easy. The product is instrumental in our NAB plans for 2008 and we have committed to having the production model available to order in Las Vegas.”

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