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Digital Nirvana spotlights loudness monitoring at Broadcast Asia

19 June 2012
Digital Nirvana spotlights loudness monitoring at Broadcast Asia

Digital Nirvana’s flagship broadcast monitoring system (BMS), Monitor IQ, is being showcased at Broadcast Asia, this week at the Suntec International Convention Center in Singapore. At the show, the key Monitor IQ features that are being demonstrated are its powerful loudness monitoring and audio logging capability, including OEM software licensed from Minnetonka Audio Software. Minnetonka Audio’s AudioTools Loudness Measurement module enables Monitor IQ users to measure audio levels, perform quality control monitoring, record and log broadcast signals. “Digital Nirvana’s Monitor IQ solution greatly benefits from Minnetonka Audio’s well regarded audio expertise. Like many aspects of digital audio processing, loudness monitoring is extremely complex,” said Ned Chini, vice president of sales and marketing for Digital Nirvana. “Our customers can rely implicitly upon Minnetonka Audio’s software within Monitor IQ to evaluate all common audio formats in their plant, and alert them whenever audio loudness exceeds acceptable limits.” Monitor IQ incorporates Minnetonka Audio’s proprietary software within a broader feature set for loudness monitoring and logging of virtually all audio standards. With Monitor IQ being a 64-bit Linux-based system, and because Minnetonka Audio can upgrade its software to comply with any changes to loudness or other audio quality control standards, both products are relatively future-proof. Digital Nirvana has licensed several Minnetonka technologies, including the AudioTools family of measurement products, for its powerful Monitor IQ BMS. Minnetonka Audio’s SurCode software licensed by Digital Nirvana include technologies to decode and monitor Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E. These industry standard digital audio formats are widely used in ATSC/DTV and surround sound broadcasting. “We’re extremely pleased that Digital Nirvana has chosen to license our AudioTools and SurCode families of products for use within its flagship broadcast monitoring system, Monitor IQ,” said John Schur, president of Minnetonka Audio Software. “Our products define the state-of-the-art in encoding, measurement and corrections. At a time when effective loudness monitoring has become mission-critical for broadcasters, our OEM audio contributions have proven themselves to be an excellent complement to Digital Nirvana’s full-featured Monitor IQ solution.”


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