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Digital film to be debated at Ravensbourne

15 February 2011
Digital film to be debated at Ravensbourne

Despite the marketing noise and technology gains made by manufacturers like Red, Sony and Arri, some directors still prefer to shoot on film rather than digitally, writes Adrian Pennington.

Security concerns about rushes held as data are often cited, as are the aesthetic qualities of HD video, even though the claims made for digital film cameras include their ability to match the look of 35mm.

A two day conference at London film and TV college Ravensbourne, takes a closer look at this debate. Speakers include cinematographers Tim Palmer (who shot the Road to Coronation Street on the Canon Mark 2 Digital SLR) and Gavin Finney BSC (Hogfather, St Trinian’s)..

“The concept of shooting in HD has begun to move on to data capture at even higher resolutions,” said Finney (pictured). “ HD will be just one of many standards, from cinema to the internet to the iPad, that can be delivered from one high-resolution data stream.”

Directors and producer Bruce Webb (The be all and end all) will be among those presenting the alternative view.

"I like to shoot on film as it is already HD and has been developed over 100 years," he says.

Beyond HD takes place 26 – 27 February funded by the Skillset Film Fund, as part of the UK Film Skills Strategy A Bigger Future 2.

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