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Dielectric changes name, retains brand

25 October 2010
Dielectric changes name, retains brand

After nearly 70 years in business, Dielectric Communications has changed its name to SPX Communication Technology, both reflecting its increased diversification and the name of its parent company, SPX.

The full range of Dielectric products — including its RF broadcast antenna systems, transmission line, switching and patching components, and transmission accessories — will continue to be sold globally by SPX Communication Technology, but from now under the Dielectric brand.

"Dielectric is one of the most established and respected brands in the broadcasting industry, and it will continue to serve its clients with the same innovation, dedication, and service that broadcasters have known and trusted for the past 68 years," said Garrett VanAtta, president of SPX Communication Technology. "Under the SPX Communication Technology name, we will continue to operate from our Maine headquarters with the same talented pool of engineers and customer support staff responsible for our broadcast transmission products. The company also will apply its decades of engineering expertise in passive radio frequency and broadcast transmissions to develop a wider array of innovative technologies and solutions that can contribute to the future advancement of global communications."

The change to SPX Communication Technology will apparently allow for the expansion into new geographic markets and the development of new innovative communication solutions while maintaining the strong brand-equity that has been established in the company’s current product portfolio.

"SPX Communication Technology has long been at the forefront of change, most recently in leading the US transition to digital television (DTV) with the first antenna installed in 1994, and also in helping to usher in the HD radio broadcasting era," said Lee Powell, SPX Segment President. "As macroeconomic drivers create increased global communication needs in developed and emerging economies, we remain committed to leveraging our expertise in developing new innovative technologies to help solve our customers’ ever-evolving business challenges."

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