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DEV presents pocket-sized optical RF transmission links

28 September 2012
DEV presents pocket-sized optical RF transmission links

DEV Systemtechnik’s new OPTRIBUTION Desktop Modules can transmit Radio Frequency (RF) signals over fibre-optic links of up to five kilometres over the Extended L-band.  The new products offer advantages for use in cable TV heads, as well satellite newsgathering (SNG) vehicles.  With options for low-budget applications and test setups, the new modules also offer a low-cost alternative to DEV’s standard OPTRIBUTION models, which feature more redundancy, control and monitoring functions, and higher design availability. The first OPTRIBUTION Desktop Modules are the DEV 7285 transmitter and DEV 7385 receiver, which are stand-alone modules for optical transmission of RF signals in the 700 to 2300 MHz range.  Measuring 138 x 42 x 23 millimetres, the Desktop Modules are suited for space-limited applications, such as in TV newsgathering vehicles.  For satellite antenna hook-ups, the transmitter modules offer an output port for LNB bias current supply. In addition to saving physical space, the new Desktop Modules offer significant cost-savings, compared to DEV’s standard OPTRIBUTION models. For example, a link established with four DEV 7285/7385 costs about 25% less than a comparable configuration using two DEV 4111s, which are larger, more feature-rich units. The Desktop Modules offer an attractive new alternative for cost-sensitive applications and

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