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Deutsche Welle adds to Orad order

13 April 2007

Orad Hi-Tec Systems has announced that it will provide an additional HDVG platform to leading German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, for on-screen channel branding. The deal, valued at an estimated $500,000 is part of a new master control room implementation managed by one of the largest system integrators in Germany, Wellen&N_then.

The deal is in addition to last summer’s $1.3million plus agreement between Orad and Deutsche Welle for the supply of three dimensional high definition graphic systems. Deutsche Welle is a member of the ARD group.

Deutsche Welle’s on-screen branding solution will be operated through Orad’s powerful graphic computer, the HDVG, which will enable on screen branding on the 8 dual channels branding solution, enabling Deutsche Welle to differentiate itself from other broadcasters by strengthening its channel identity and increasing viewer loyalty. Orad’s channel banding solution provides a graphical layer that promotes the channel’s programming and general information such as weather, stock market updates, news, and more.

Avi Sharir, CEO and President of Orad said: “This additional sale to Deutsche Welle clearly indicates our customers’ continued satisfaction and Orad’s continued dominance in cutting edge TV production technology”.

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