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Depth sensing cameras for broadcast

19 August 2014
Depth sensing cameras for broadcast

We need more than a series of new graphics tools for Ultra HD, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality production. We need a whole new camera system, argues Bruno Péter György, CEO, Zinemath.

Zinemath is a Hungarian start-up that is bringing to market a system called Zlense. He was previously COO at Docler Entertainment and EVP production services at Budapest’s Korda Studios.

György sees the evolution of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions as one of the key directions of development, but thinks AR and Virtual Reality (VR) systems leave something to be desired.

“They require a lot of investment, a sophisticated application process, depending on their tracking environments and can be used in a studio environment only,” he said. “They do not support any on-site practical location based shooting. As things stand, AR will not be applicable for television formats such as news, documentary or entertainment.”

To surmount these technical obstacles what’s needed according to György is much more than a series of new graphics tools. A new camera and object tracking realtime depth sensor system is required.

“Depth sensors may give us the access to new dimensions and offer affordable and more effective methods,” he claimed. “Imagine a real breakthrough: it will be more cost effective, so it will be accessible to a much wider circle of broadcasters and productions, while being compatible with the new, higher-resolution standards and easier to use.

“It may allow informative and spectacular presentations as well as a set of graphics applications that brings flat diagrams and explanatory illustrations to life. The border between the real and generated content may be blurred.”

He continued: “Depth sensing cameras may well support everyday news and sports broadcasting as a result of their additional dimensions and the simplicity of their use since they do not require a studio environment or any complex calibration.”

Interesting concept? It will debut at IBC in Hall 8 (stand 8.E02) so do check it out.

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