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Deluxe broadcasts 4K live across continents

30 March 2016
Deluxe broadcasts 4K live across continents

Deluxe has reportedly completed the first ever live 4K broadcast across continents.

Using its Broadcast Delivery Network (BDN) platform, which is part of the MediaCloud suite, Deluxe broadcast the live content between Europe and the US using the public internet.

The platform was also recently used to deliver live NFL games, including the Super Bowl, across Europe.

“This is a significant development for broadcasters, content owners or any rights holder moving live video signals across continents,” said Alec Stichbury (pictured), chief technology officer at Deluxe MediaCloud.

“As a whole, the industry is constantly battling with delivering increasingly higher bit rate formats at lower costs, like when moving from SD to HD, and now from HD to 4K.”

The broadcast signal was encoded using HEVC 4K, leaving a MediaCloud European facility on diverse ISPs. The signal then crossed MediaCloud’s private data centres and was delivered on dual ISPs into the GDMX facility, and then onto Deluxe locations in the US for consumption.

Stichbury added, “Using the public internet, Deluxe’s BDN provides a highly secure, lower cost solution at a higher quality and without the bandwidth limitations of traditional satellite or fixed fibre transport mechanisms.”

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