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DekTec boosts Chinese mobile network

15 November 2010
DekTec boosts Chinese mobile network

China’s Mobile TV Network serves more than 320 cities, reaches 15 million phones and portable media players, and is using DekTec converters to surmount the problems of weather and local topography and maintain signal quality while avoiding jitter.

Subsidiaries of the China Broadcasting Corporation, regional operators (including Inner Mongolia, OPG) and the national CMMB network management company, have started using the DekTec ASI-IP and IP-ASI converter series of networked adapters to help the CMMB-based network of point-to-point microwave transmitters overcome its problems.

The DekTec devices enable operators to deploy alternative transmission to safeguard against the loss or degradation of the transport stream which can affect transmitting power, frequency drift of the RF signal – and ultimately the end users’ viewing experience. The reliability and cost-effectiveness of the DekTec devices have been acknowledged on a national and regional level.

CMMB is based on single-frequency networks. The transport stream is encapsulated into IP packets (TS-over-IP) and transmitted in multicast mode from to multiple destination stations. At each destination station, IP data is first converted using DekTec’s hardware to transport stream again, then modulated and transmitted over a UHF CMMB channel.

As the most cost-effective transport-stream converter on the market, the DekTec DTE-3120 and DTE-3100 are now available to all of the 300+ prefecture-level cities, each of which have five or more transmitter stations.

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