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Dejero’s “latest innovations” at BVE

14 February 2014
Dejero’s “latest innovations” at BVE

“At BVE 2014, we’re looking forward to showing attendees our latest innovations in bonded cellular solutions that make electronic newsgathering more flexible, portable, immediate, and cost-effective than ever before," said Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero. These innovations include the Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 transmitter, LIVE+ VSET, LIVE+ mobile app and Nucomm Connect live transmitter.

The LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter encodes and transmits live or prerecorded HD or SD video using any combination of 4G or 3G cellular networks, as well as Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter allows news teams to enter difficult-to-access areas and be ready to transmit in just a few minutes, without a specialised crew needed to operate an SNG or microwave truck.

Dejero’s LIVE+ VSET is a 1-U vehicle-mount bonded wireless transmitter designed for use in satellite and microwave trucks. The adaptive bitrate encoder on Dejero’s LIVE+ VSET reduces the latency and improves the reliability of satellite video feeds.

At BVE Dejero will also highlight its LIVE+ Mobile App, now available for both iOS and select Android devices, which enables both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit HD or SD live video from their smartphones and tablets. The LIVE+ Mobile App is capable of bonding multiple wireless signals to deliver video from the street to the television or web. Using the same bonded cellular technology as the Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, the LIVE+ Mobile App aggregates both the Wi-Fi and cellular connections of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Finally, the Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live Transmitter, a camera-mounted bonded cellular and microwave system for electronic newsgathering, will be on show. This hybrid solution offers news organisations an addition to traditional satellite and microwave links for acquiring video and covering breaking news from the field. The SD/HD live-news wireless camera system is the result of a joint technology and product partnership between Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT) and Dejero.


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