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Dejero launches vehicle-mount transmitter

25 March 2013
Dejero launches vehicle-mount transmitter

Dejero has introduced the LIVE+ VSET, a 1U vehicle-mount transmitter designed for use in satellite and microwave trucks. As the newest member of Dejero‘s LIVE+ Platform, the adaptive bit-rate encoder on the LIVE+ VSET arms mobile ENG teams with a flexible and easy-to-use solution for reducing the latency and improving the reliability of IP-based satellite video feeds. “With the Dejero LIVE+ VSET, mobile ENG crews have one more powerful tool at their disposal to maximise the quality and ensure the delivery of live video transmitted from field locations,” said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. "The LIVE+ VSET is truly unique in the marketplace, combining industry-leading adaptive bit-rate bonded cellular engineering with IP-based satellite connectivity and an optional ASI interface. This unique hybrid approach results in tremendous flexibility and cost-savings opportunities for news gatherers by enabling them to go live from both traditional as well as modern technologies from the same truck, even while driving.” Essentially a rackmount version of Dejero’s portable and rugged LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, the LIVE+ VSET is designed for mounting in transmission trucks to provide a powerful supplement to satellite and microwave links. The LIVE+ VSET features Dejero’s Intelligent Bonding and Connection Management systems, which take advantage of the beneficial characteristics of all available connection types – cell, satellite, or microwave – to provide maximum throughput and optimal picture quality for each transmission. On startup, the LIVE+ VSET uses Dejero’s patent-pending approach to auto-detect the presence of available streams and the required video formats, with the ability to switch seamlessly between satellite and cellular or a combination of both in order to maintain the quality of the signal. During a typical satellite transmission, the LIVE+ VSET automatically combines a high-latency satellite connection with multiple low-latency cellular connections resulting in the delivery of high-quality video with latencies of 1.5 seconds or less. The Dejero Intelligent Bonding technology is exceptionally useful in adverse weather conditions. During rain fade and other atmospheric conditions that cause Ka-band satellite bandwidth to decrease, the LIVE+ VSET will automatically pick up the drop in bandwidth and continue the transmission over the cellular networks.

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