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Dega takes ten TimeShiftBox HD systems for UK broadcaster

2 October 2011

Dega Broadcast Systems has ordered ten TimeShiftBox HD media delay servers with TitleBox HD interactive CG and graphics from PlayBox Technology, writes David Fox. These have been ordered as a part of a project for a major UK broadcaster for installation in its central equipment area.

TimeShiftBox HD was launched at NAB2011 and is a one-box time-shift system designed to provide accurate programme time delays from one minute to a week or more to fulfil all programme time delay requirements. It also includes logo insertion.

Basingstoke-based Dega Broadcast Systems has added the option of TitleBox HD to provide full interactive computer graphics and text that can be keyed over the time-shifted video. Both the time-shift and graphics functions exist within the same server.

The 3RU TimeShiftBox HD comes as a complete turnkey system for single channel or multi-channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI output. The menu offers straightforward operation, making time delays easy to set up and use.

Other functions are fully automated and require no user intervention. It supports all types of embedded audio, including Dolby Digital and Dolby-E, and any VANC data is preserved and included in the time-shifted programme output. A 1RU version with ASI/IP input/output will be available soon.

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