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Dedolight shines in panel game

8 February 2011
Dedolight shines in panel game

Tech Pro, the value brand of Dedolight, is introducing a new 1×1 LED panel for budget production. The 30x30cm unit will list at about £550, but should sell for much closer to £400, according to its UK distributor, David Morphy, director of Cirro Lite (pictured with the panel).

The Filloni is claimed to be twice as bright as comparable panels, and will work with NP or V-lock batteries. The Colour Rendition Index is said to be "in the 80s", which is reasonable for this type of light, although Dedolight is working to improve this in further versions. It will be offered in daylight initially, with bi-colour and tungsten models later.

The 24-Watt panel will operate between 5.8 and 16.8v, so it can use common DV batteries, and includes a dimmer that can be taken off and used remotely. There will also be a DMX model. "We’re getting about one-and-a-half hours on an F960 [NP] battery," said Morphy. "For a battery light, it’s better colour than what’s out there. It’s not going to create beautiful, film-quality images. It’s for talking heads."

It will be launched at BVE 2011, next week (15-17 February) in London. Also new at the show will be accessories for the Dedolight Ledzilla. The small, flexible on-camera light will be able to add a tube light (useful for car interiors), a Chinese lantern or a soft box (with standard or tungsten conversion cloth). These accessories, announced at IBC, are just about ready to ship.

Also new is the 1kW Dedolight DLH1000T (pictured), which has double aspheric optics "which makes it more efficient than a comparable 1,000W light," he claimed.

It will be available in three versions: a 1.2kW HMI (the DLH1200D); the DLH100T; and an 80v 1200W tungsten version (the DLH1280T), which has a much smaller low-voltage filament, is more efficient optically, and is "a nicer bulb to work with – it’s for the purist." These should be available by early summer, but will be on show at BVE. – Stand: H-30

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