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Dedicated audio recorder, player from Roland SG

8 February 2012
Dedicated audio recorder, player from Roland SG

The R-1000 48-track audio recorder/player and VR-3 AV mixer (pictured) will feature as part of a comprehensive showcase of portable recording products, mixers and video converters from Roland Systems Group.

Designed to work with the Roland V-Mixing System in any live event or production, the R-1000 is suitable for virtual rehearsal, playback and video shoots. It can also be used with any digital console with a MADI output via the Roland S-MADI REAC MADI Bridge. Based on REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication), the R-1000 eliminates the bulk and noise susceptibility typically associated with analogue snakes and replaces it with Cat5e/6 (Ethernet/LAN) cable.

Also set to be shown at BVE, the R-26 heralds the next generation of hand held recorders from Roland with features such as dual stereo mics, six channels of simultaneous recording and three channel IARC (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit).

The dual stereo mics on the R-26 (omni-directional and XY directional) operate independently of each other to provide flexibility for different recording applications. It provides XLR/TRS inputs for up to six channels (three stereo) of simultaneous recording. This useful feature allows the user to, for example, capture an instrument up close with the built-in mics, record room ambience with external mics, and save them as separate files for mixing together later. To reduce interference between inputs to achieve clear, high quality sound, the R-26 is equipped with Roland’s proprietary IARC on both the inputs for the built-in mics and the external inputs.

Roland Systems Group will also be showcasing the popular web-streaming capability of its latest products, including the VR-5 AV Mixer, the recently launched VR-3 AV Mixer and the VC-30HD Video Converter. Demonstrating the expanding line-up of AV Mixers and streaming-ready solutions from Roland, the products will be used to stream live content to the web from the event to highlight the ‘plug in and play’ features of these compact and portable solutions.

The VR-3 is a fully integrated four channel audio mixer and video switcher designed for live production and web streaming. Similar to the Roland VR-5, the ‘all-in-one’ design of the VR-3 simplifies production and streaming by incorporating a video switcher, audio mixer, preview monitors and streaming-ready USB output all in a compact, single unit. As a USB Video/Audio class device (for web streaming or recording with a PC/Mac), web streaming is enabled by simply connecting the VR-3 via the USB port to a computer that is running a live streaming service such as USTREAM.

Ideal as a capture solution for NLEs on both Mac and PC platforms for pulling in source material from almost any device, the VC-30HD can be used to convert audio and video content for web streaming applications or archiving and content to Blu-ray.

The VR-5 5 Channel AV Mixer is a stand-alone recording and live streaming unit featuring built-in dual touch monitors, three video layers for two video sources, plus DSK and a built in scan converter for PC input. It is also a USB Video/Audio Class Device and has the capability to record directly to SD memory card.

Stand: B40

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