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Debut for new IMT unit

30 August 2012
Debut for new IMT unit

The RF Central Direct VU HD COFDM (DVB-T-compliant) diversity handheld receiver/monitor is making its debut on the Integrated Microwave Technologies stand.

Said to offer exceptional RF performance and durability, combined with ease of operation and MPEG-4 decoding, the unit displays COFDM video transmissions using a built-in internal nine-inch 16:9-format screen using a high-resolution LCD screen.

Also described as much more than a COFDM handheld receiver, the Direct VU HD can send video over Ethernet to remote software or hardware decoders. This allows multiple remote viewers to monitor the same video simultaneously. An SDI output enables the user to view the incoming video on an external monitor if needed.

For advanced functions such as changing frequency plans, AES decryption keys or unit naming, an administration software package is supplied. 


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