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Datavideo HD recorders begin shipping

13 August 2013
Datavideo HD recorders begin shipping

Noting that the data recorder is replacing the VTR tape deck at the heart of nearly every production studio, Datavideo is demonstrating new HD models at IBC.

The HDR-60 desktop and HDR-70 rack-mounted models record HD video onto 2.5in hard drives. According to Datavideo, with a typical 1TB disk holding well over 12 hours of 100Mbps 1080 50i video, running out of capacity is not likely to be an issue. The models include HD-SDI inputs with loop through and an HDMI output and hardware controls.

“Recording the output from a production switcher or from a system camera is now straightforward and cost-effective with the new HDR models. At around €1500 with very low cost high capacity media, these recorders are terrific value,” said Rob Op de Beek, managing director of Datavideo Technologies Europe BV, Datavideo’s EMEA office.

Also shipping are Datavideo’s HDV models, DN-700 and DN-600, which are capable of capturing analogue video as MPEG-2 at 25Mb/s onto standard 2.5in disk drives. Applications include education, religious institutions, compliance recording and video surveillance.

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