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Dassault expands with Lightworks Alacrity

19 July 2007

The French Dassault Group is best known for its excellence in the field of military and civil aviation, but the group has far-ranging interests. Such a large group requires diverse media and video production facilities which are increasingly being handled in-house by the Dassault Aviation Production Team using Lightworks kit.

The Production Team’s success with its initial Lightworks Touch based system has inevitably led to increased demand for its services, which are now being met with a new Lightworks Alacrity craft edit system. A further Alacrity unit will enter service in 2008.

Initially the Dassault Aviation system comprised a Lightworks Touch system, integrated simply and effectively with graphics production tools and a Pryamix-based sound department in a SAN system. The new Alacrity machines are easily added to the existing SAN network, and provide the same level of no-fuss integration with the third party graphic and sound systems. Alacrity support for mxf import and Quicktime and AAF import and export provides a further step forward in open interoperability.

Dassault’s Dominique Boon said: “What I find impressive is the ability to communicate easily with the Adobe and Discreet products and, another is the realtime capability. The people working with us often question us regarding the fact that we don’t need to auto-conform and question that we don’t have to render effects, not even glow! To conclude, it is the HD Broadcast product we were waiting for and at an affordable price.”

For Dassault Aviation the ability to work in realtime with mixed compression formats in HD and SD on a single timeline brings a vivid enhancement to production output and a springboard for continued growth of the team. The Alacrity systems take full advantage of Lightworks’ own Steenbeck-style controller and analogue-style audio scrubbing to deliver the unparalleled production speeds characteristic of the Lightworks family.

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