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Dalet and Tieto create cloud-based MAM

8 October 2013
Dalet and Tieto create cloud-based MAM

Dalet Digital Media Systems has announced a partnership deal with Nordic IT services company Tieto to create a cloud-based Media Asset Management service and production offering for publishing and broadcasting companies.
The Dalet MAM system will be installed within Tieto’s shared private cloud platform. Tieto media cloud platform enables users to manage daily requirements within the Tieto cloud environment. There are options for local ingest, uploading content over the cloud and indexing with contextual and time-coded metadata. With payment based solely on usage, customers can readily see and manage the real server costs.

“This initiative of two forward-thinking organisations will bring tangible benefits to both large and small media operations,” said Raoul Cospen, director of marketing and business development, Dalet. “Customers in the publishing business and those in the broadcast industry will be able to take advantage of the technological progress of the cloud without incurring significant upfront capital expenditures.”

One of the offered services is Dalet Media Life, a MAM-based solution designed to manage a variety of workflows simultaneously. Media Life can be used for programme preparation, production asset management and multimedia archives. Simple desktop tools within Media Life allow authorised users to search, access and share content across different departments. Prep-editing tools for logging, indexing, rough-cut production and storyboarding using content from any source are included. Media Life also interfaces with editing systems through Dalet Xtend.

“Tieto media cloud platform provides customers with the ability to exploit new business opportunities to the fullest, while decreasing costs,” said Petteri Räsänen of Tieto’s media business development. “It saves time and removes inefficiencies associated with managing services from several sources that may operate under diverse management systems. Added value is realised as Tieto also provides the durable infrastructure to securely manage the customers’ data centre. When you couple that with the flexibility and tools offered by Dalet Media Life, you get a system that is operationally effective and highly cost-effective.”

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