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Da Vinci Code mobilised for Europe

1 June 2006

Mobile Streams has unveiled a worldwide deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) to ‘mobilise’ the blockbuster motion picture The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mobile Streams, utilising its proprietary Vuesia technology, has formatted content masters of The Da Vinci Code into ‘mobile ready’ video, audio and graphic formats. The clips are approximately two minutes each and offer mobile users glimpses into The Da Vinci Code story.

Mobile Streams’ mobile content delivery platform, Vuesia, transcoded or mobilised the masters in order to meet the specifications of 13 European carriers including; Vodafone Global, 3 UK and 3 Italy. Once the assets had been created, Vuesia automatically delivered them to each carrier in their preferred delivery specification, enabling more rapid subscriber access.

Chris Rovtar, senior vice president of Mobile Streams who manages the SPE relationship, said, "The Da Vinci Code was a great opportunity to showcase the responsiveness of our Vuesia platform as Sony required a quick turnaround to meet the tight demands of their international carrier partners. We produced over 450 mobile content assets of The Da Vinci Code utilising our Vuesia content management platform within just a few days."

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