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da Vinci 2K Plus for An-Mar

10 August 2006

Athens based An-Mar has become the first production company in Greece to install an HD telecine suite, commissioning a new telecine bay featuring da Vinci’s 2K Plus for film processing, commercial colour grading and other post production projects.

“Following the tradition of da Vinci’s Renaissance 8:8:8, which we have trusted since 1999, we believe that the extraordinary features of the 2K Plus add up to a very powerful colour enhancement system – one that inspires our artists and enables them to create their own stylistic look on every image, every time,” said Irini Theodoropoulou, assistant general manager, An-Mar. “In addition, the HD services that we are now able to offer our clients have been widely received, and it is a function that we expect to keep growing in popularity and to develop new perspectives among cinematographers, artists, and production companies in the region.”

An-Mar purchased the da Vinci 2K Plus system to provide customers with the latest technologies for high-quality services and to meet its desire to move forward in the market of image processing. The facility also selected DeFocus Plus and an additional PowerTier, two features never before found in the Greek market. DeFocus Plus, which is frequently used in commercial projects to create or adjust the lighting within a scene or on a particular image, is becoming very popular among An-Mar’s clients, allowing colourists to achieve a very artistic look on the film while maintaining finer granularity.

The current trend in Greece is seeing commercial production move from 35mm film to 16mm film acquisition. According to An-Mar, its artists appreciate the benefits the 2K Plus provides during the 16 mm film enhancement process, without any decrease in quality. In addition, the 2K’s PowerTier supports two additional channels of image processing, providing An-Mar artists with multiple PowerWindows for even more layers of colour enhancement capabilities.

An-Mar has already used the 2K Plus on several TV spots for Vodafone, Eurobank, HSBC, and a summer campaign against AIDS sponsored by the Ministry of Health. The new da Vinci 2K Plus is integrated with a Thomson Grass Valley Spirit 2K telecine

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