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Czech TV chooses Quantel

21 September 2006

Czech TV has purchased a significant amount of high-powered graphics and editing equipment from Quantel with the aim of boosting its output in the area of graphics and promos production.

Czech TV’s new Quantel equipment roster includes two eQs, both equipped with Quantel’s powerful QColor in-context colour-correction option; a Paintbox gQ HD graphics system; two (SD) Paintboxes for close to air work, supported by four of Quantel’s QPaintbox software-only applications for preparation and offline graphics creation.

The new systems sit alongside two Paintboxes and an HD-RGB eQ system purchased in October 2005, and are all fully integrated with Czech TV’s two Quantel Picturebox sQ graphics servers, which provide centralised graphics storage, multi-user access and playout-to-air.

“Quantel systems guarantee us super-fast results – essential in news and sports,” said Mr Zbynek Louda, graphics department chief at Czech Television. “The eQ’s performance allows us to process a large amount of source material very quickly, so we can choose the best shots to make really stunning promos, and its HD-RGB operation also gives us an entry into the world of DI. The fact that all the Quantel systems share a common UI philosophy and file formats is also a huge advantage.”

Mr. Rudolf Pop, technical director of Czech Television, added: “Our large scale use of Quantel technology is a great advantage for a public broadcaster. We are currently engaged in a total re-design and re-branding exercise as we move towards introducing new digital channels. Such a project can only be successfully completed in a reasonable timescale with the kind of completely new approach to workflow that Quantel offers.”

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