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CTC Media expands reliance on RTS/Telex equipment

3 November 2011
CTC Media expands reliance on RTS/Telex equipment

Russian independent broadcast company CTC Media has expanded its facilities to prepare for an expansion effort that will see it operate a grand total of eight TV networks.

Already relying on RTS/Telex technology including a Zeus matrix, KP-12LK and KP-32CLD keypanels, CTC Media again opted for RTS/Telex for its additional communication requirements. An ADAM with 48 ports (expandable to 272 ports) constitutes the core of the installation. The included RVON technology enables easy communication with satellite locations and other broadcasters by using Voice-Over-IP technology. A total of 24 newly developed Cyrillic versions of the KP-32 and KP-12LK keypanels, as well as 24 MCP-90-12 microphones, complete the installation.

In conjunction with the new installation, CTC Media’s existing system has been upgraded to the Cyrillic alphabet. The standardised, backward-compatible Cyrillic alphabet on all keypanels is said to enable straightforward and communication.

Nico Lewis, RTS/Telex senior sales manager with responsibility for Russia, commented: “CTC Media consolidates its position on the Russian broadcast market with this expansion. This installation enables CTC Media to integrate easily with other broadcasting companies, as RTS intercoms are the most popular intercom systems in Russia. Many operators therefore know how to work with these systems.

“Despite its size, the installation went very smoothly thanks to the excellent work of RTS/Telex’s Russian partner OKNO TV and its well-trained engineers. We have also received excellent feedback from CTC Media. Their new RTS/Telex system is meeting their communication needs perfectly.”

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