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Crystal Vision to offer keying and embedding at BVE

17 January 2014
Crystal Vision to offer keying and embedding at BVE

Crystal Vision will be showing a selection of keying and embedding products at BVE. Products on show will include a choice of new control options for the Safire 3 realtime chroma keyer, five different ways of adding graphics and a choice of embedded audio products for users requiring a straightforward embedder/de-embedder and those needing flexibility when dealing with embedded signals.

For use in live production environments, Safire 3 works with 3Gbs, HD and SD sources and features multi-point sampling, a range of fine-tuning tools and timing adjustments including a frame synchroniser on each input and 10 frames of video delay. The Safire 3 Controller is a 3U panel able to control any number of chroma keyers over an Ethernet network.

The company will also be showing five new products for adding graphics to a video source, from keying to video and audio branding. The first of these is LKEY 3: a linear keyer designed for the keying of any graphics over 3Gbs, HD or SD video streams.

The four new versions of the MultiLogo three-layer HD/SD logo keyer are designed for more sophisticated station branding applications. There is a choice of internal storage (either 4GB for up to 250 graphics or 8GB for 500 graphics) and a choice of video inputs (either one or four), with external AES inputs and outputs and audio and video cross fading additionally available on the MultiLogo 432 variants.

Crystal Vision will also be showing embedded audio solutions. The TANDEM 320 can embed and de-embed into two separate 3Gbs, HD or SD video streams. The TANDEM 310 audio embedder/de-embedder and SYNNER 310 video synchroniser, tracking audio delay and embedder/de-embedder both work with 3Gbs, HD and SD sources and can embed and de-embed a mixture of up to four groups of AES and two groups of analogue audio at the same time.


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