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Crystal Vision releases high spec video synchroniser

1 November 2012
Crystal Vision releases high spec video synchroniser

New from Crystal Vision is a highly specified video frame synchroniser for broadcast engineers who need to synchronise video sources containing up to four groups of embedded audio. SYN-A 3G has been designed to either synchronise 3Gbps, HD or SD sources timed to a different reference or correct system processing delays, with this feature-packed modular solution including audio routing and resampling, tracking audio delay, sophisticated handling of Dolby E, flexible delay compensation, AFD insertion, video proc-amp and integrated fibre connectivity.

SYN-A 3G can both synchronise incoming video signals which are not locked to the local reference – taking its timing from the external analogue reference and automatically synchronising sources between 0 and 1 frame – and compensate for timing delays within the video system, ideal for when the frame rate is correct but the source has been passed through equipment and therefore been delayed for a few lines. The ability to cross-lock allows it to conveniently use any available timing signals, with a 3Gbps, HD or SD input referenced to either HD tri-level syncs or SD Black and Burst. Both automatic and manual freeze are available, with the user able to choose to show the last good frame or alternatively a black or blue screen or 100% colour bars.

SYN-A 3G will handle, resample and route four groups of embedded audio. Full channel shuffling is provided by the 8 x 8 stereo router, while the 16 audio resamplers can be used to avoid clicks and pops in the audio should the video drop a frame. It offers a flexible range of video and audio delays to help match all the signals and ensure Dolby alignment.

SYN-A 3G additionally includes a video proc-amp for picture optimisation and to help maintain colour fidelity, with adjustment of the video gain, black level and independent RGB and YUV gains.

Explained Crystal Vision’s Managing Director Philip Scofield: "Synchronisers have always been a key part of Crystal Vision’s modular product range and the SYN-A 3G is the highest spec synchroniser yet. If you want the peace of mind that comes with signal processing designed to ensure a good output whatever input is presented, then this is the product for you." 

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