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Crystal Vision improves 2×2 switch

9 August 2013
Crystal Vision improves 2x2 switch

Crystal Vision has added new features to the Safe Switch 3G, which provides 2×2 switching between two 3Gbs, HD or SD sources containing up to four groups of embedded audio and uses a full framestore synchroniser on each input and loss of reference protection.

The new features allow Safe Switch 3G to cope with signal path delays of up to 25 frames, add two new fault conditions (frozen or missing timecode) for the intelligent auto switching, and allow the user to define what constitutes a fault separately for each input.

The switch can now cope with signal path delays of +/-25 frames between the two inputs, meaning input timing differences greater than one frame can be corrected by delaying the earliest arriving input by up to 25 frames in one frame steps. Input timing differences up to one frame will continue to be automatically corrected by the two existing on-board framestore synchronisers. It can also now choose from 18 different fault conditions to automatically trigger a switch, with the addition of two new fault parameters. The final new feature is the ability to decide what constitutes a fault separately for each input. The user can now specify what they care about on each signal and the logic will select the best input.

Safe Switch 3G is a 100mmx266mm module, which fits in the standard Crystal Vision frames and provides a one-board solution that replaces a switch and two synchronisers.

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