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Crane shots simple as ABC for Euro 2012

4 January 2012
Crane shots simple as ABC for Euro 2012

Cranes from Germany’s ABC Products, part of Movie Tech, will cover major football championships for the fourth time during Euro 2012, writes David Fox.

Movie Tech will provide a total of ten Crane l20 models for the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine next Summer. They will be located in the coaching zone and behind the goals and equipped with Pelé remote heads. The Pelé XL35 can carry cameras weighing up to 30kg, and itself weighs 9kg.

The Crane 120 comes in various lengths, up to 12m (although the typical version for soccer use is 9m – at which length it can carry up to 25kg), and can be rigged in about 20 minutes. It will be used with ABC’s Wide Base Dolly CD6.

Over the years, the ABC Products cranes proved their performance not only in terms of safety and reliability in the FIFA stadiums, but they also met the technical requirements of the different international television crews.

Movie Tech maintains that the cranes offer a "resilient system with accurate mechanisms allowing precise and smooth tilt and panning, perfect balancing and stability as well as quick and easy set up." They are constructed from stable square sections that are both lightweight and extremely stiff, making them suitable for all shooting conditions.

"The remote head extends the movement capabilities during shooting and the included one man control system allows the operator to follow the game and capture the scenes even when the game is really fast," said the company.


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