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CPG purchases first Artemis Light

21 September 2011
CPG purchases first Artemis Light

Calrec Audio sold its first Artemis Light console to the Cameron-Pace Group on the first day it was launched. The deal was struck on the Calrec stand on the first day of IBC between the CPG, John Root (business development manager at Bexel, Calrec’s distributor on the west coast of America), and Calrec’s regional director of sales in the USA, Dave Letson, writes Paul Watson.

The console is being bought as part of the upgrade to a 3D OB vehicle owned by Vince Pace and James Cameron, where it will form the heart of the audio system in the Group’s 3D OB vehicle, Fusion 3D Mobile Unit One, which is currently being redesigned. In using the Artemis Light, the vehicle will now be capable of offering audio in surround sound.

Cameron-Pace Group’s approach has differed from many of the OB companies offering 3D broadcast facilities, in that it transmits 3D and 2D from a single OB unit, rather than adopting the more common twin-vehicle approach, which is favoured by many Europen OB facilities providers. Letson suggests that the choice of a Hydra2 console allows for a more flexible strategy regarding I/O than many 2D and 3D OB companies currently offer.

“The Cameron-Pace/Bexel/Calrec relationship is further enhanced by the ability to expand the Hydra2 network and rent in extra Calrec I/O as and when the project demands it,” Letson said.

An agreement for quick-turnaround I/O rental has been reached with Bexel as part of the Artemis Light sale.

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