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Cost-effective OTT in the Limelight

6 September 2016
Cost-effective OTT in the Limelight

Limelight Networks is releaseing bundled services aimed at helping OTT providers become more cost-effective and tackle the various challenges in the online content space.

It is providing new customers up to 500TB of free storage and 100TB of free content delivery network (CDN) traffic.

Tightly integrated with Limelight’s global, high-performance CDN, the company’s video delivery services simplify the delivery of OTT content and ensure high quality viewing experiences on a wide range of devices worldwide.

Limelight’s biannual ‘The State of Online Video’ research report stated: “Demand for OTT content is growing and so are viewers’ expectations. In just one year, the number of people watching seven or more hours of online video rose from 22 per cent to 31 per cent, and the quality of the delivery experience increased in importance.”

According to the company, the cloud-based suite of services include automated video conversion, comprehensive secutiry and near-instant purge capabilities.

“In the rapidly developing OTT market, we enable our customers to focus on their core business. We provide the tools and infrastructure to securely manage and globally deliver content over our world class network giving end users the highest quality viewing experience,” said George Vonderhaar, chief sales officer, Limelight Networks.

“Many of the largest participants in the industry rely on Limelight Networks for our global scale, reliable performance, industry leading throughput and years of experience to support their businesses.”

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