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Corvid Ultra supports 2K and 4K workflows

9 September 2012
Corvid Ultra supports 2K and 4K workflows

Corvid Ultra, the latest product in AJA’s Corvid family of OEM technologies, has been launched to deliver I/O, processing and scaling for multiformat 4K/2K and HD/Dual-link/SD workflows. Part of AJA’s OEM programme, the technology has already been incorporated into Colorfront’s On-Set Dailies to deliver 4K 60P playback. Corvid Ultra was first previewed as a technology demonstration codenamed ‘Riker’ and features support for 2K and 4K workflows as well as scaling capabilities. It also supports high frame rates including 48 and 60fps, stereoscopic workflows and onboard debayering, as well as two expandable card bays. Its new TruScale arbitrary scaling engine option allows up or down scaling of any raster from tiny web video to 4K. “With the rising demand in 4K filmmaking, several of our OEM partners have approached us asking about a system to handle the incredible bandwidth required,” said Nick Rashby (pictured), president, AJA Video Systems. “The combination of Corvid Ultra’s TruScale arbitrary hardware scaler, support for high-frame rate 2K and 4K, and the capability to process RAW camera data in realtime has generated a lot of excitement from our OEM partners.” Said Colorfront Managing Director Aron Jaszberenyi: “We’re pleased that with AJA’s Corvid Ultra technology, we can deliver realtime 4K high-frame rate 60P playback to our On-Set Dailies customers.” Corvid Ultra will be available soon for $7,995 (with PCIe card and cable) with the TruScale option card available soon for $3,495. – Carolyn Giardina7.F11

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