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Corning Thunderbolt cables now in Europe

15 September 2014
Corning Thunderbolt cables now in Europe

IBC is well timed for exhibitor Corning which, only days before the show opened, announced that its Thunderbolt Optical Cables are now available in the European market in cable lengths spanning 5.5, 10, 30 and an unprecedented 60 metres.

Claimed to be the first all-optical fibre cables for the Thunderbolt community, Optical Cables by Corning are enabled by Corning ClearCurve VSDN optical fibre. They are said to be up to 50% thinner and up to 80% lighter than comparable copper cables – qualities that enable convenient transport. With a “zero bend” radius, Corning says they can withstand bending, squeezing and tangling without damage or loss of function, making them ideal for routing through the harsh environment of a crowded workspace.


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