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Cooke Optics to debut miniS4/i lenses at BVE North

4 November 2013
Cooke Optics to debut miniS4/i lenses at BVE North

At BVE North 2013 Cooke Optics will demonstrate its miniS4/i lenses, which have been used for television dramas such as Devious Maids and The Client List. The company will also show its T1.4 5/i prime lenses at the Manchester show.

“We are seeing a continual growth in enquiries about our miniS4/i series from people using PL mount digital cameras like the ARRI ALEXA and Sony F3 to shoot TV dramas,” commented Robert Howard, CEO, Cooke Optics. “Cooke lenses bring a crucial element of ‘personality’ and warmth to digital images, and the price point for such high quality lenses is also very attractive. BVE North gives us the opportunity to show the prolific TV production companies in the North West that our affordable Academy Award-winning technology will bring an extra dimension to their productions.”

Cooke miniS4/i lenses provide the same optical quality and resolution of Cooke’s S4/i and 5/i ranges, while being smaller, lighter and more affordable. The lenses also feature the next-generation /i Technology sensors that provide lens data to post production teams.

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