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connect2 your stats

5 February 2017
connect2 your stats

Lorensbergs will reveal new developments in connect2, its online inventory management system, at BVE this year. According to the company, the updates will ‘make child’s play’ out of understanding resource usage patterns and demand.

The system, used by academic institutions to loan and track valuable collections of media equipment to students and staff, is launching a suite of ‘quick stats’. The data displays provide instant insight into years’ worth of usage for each item or collection of equipment.

Users will see how often items are being used at full capacity, designed to lend confidence to decision-making and funding requests for increasing stock. Similarly, the software displays future booking data, highlighting if demand for resources is likely to outstrip supply, and whether there’s a need to purchase additional resources.

Lorensbergs managing director Anna Crilly said, “Each year our academic customers make tough decisions on where to spend their equipment funds to get best value for their departments.

“These new quick stat displays provide deep understanding on what’s needed most without the need for lengthy data crunching. Now purchases of the latest kit can be made with sharpened deliberation and greater confidence.”

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