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Conference sessions at IBC

14 September 2013
Conference sessions at IBC

The current IBC conference features a packed schedule of events. This include Sunday’s ‘In Conversation with…His Highness Fahad Al Saud’ and ‘What’s Next for Cinema – Will Improved Technology ‘Sell Popcorn’?’, on Monday.


Saudi Arabia’s HRH Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud (pictured), will appear in The Forum at 5pm on Sunday, in a discussion chaired by Chris Forrester, editorial director, Broadgate Publications. Al Saud, who was named Arab Youth Media Forum’s 2011 ‘most influential’ individual, will offer his views on the region and in particular the youth of the Middle East’s thirst for content and appetite for ideas.


Free to attend on Sunday is the ‘IBC Innovation Showcase’, which will give delegates the chance to see presentations from the finalists of IBC’s Innovation Awards. Be sure to catch the session at 10:30am in the Auditorium. ‘Broadcast and ICT in the MENA Countries – Prospects and Investment Opportunities’ is also free to all delegates, and takes place in the Emerald room, at 3pm.


The session at 9am on Monday morning asks the questions: ‘What’s Next for Cinema – Will Improved Technology ‘Sell Popcorn’? With better picture and sound, stereoscopic 3D and event cinema established, a host of new options on the near horizon promise to further enhance the movie-going experience. Cinema-goers are proving ever more difficult to please, so what should manufacturers and cinema operators be doing and can they build a business case? This session aims to explore these questions and is presented in two parts, covering both new technology and new business case. Head to the Auditorium to hear from a number of session participants.


To help plan your IBC, take a look at the full conference agenda.


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