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Concrete cements Soho Genetic Engineering

22 November 2007

Short form and visual effects facility Concrete will become the first Soho facility to install Quantel’s new Genetic Engineering system. The system could be used to power Concrete’s new Quantel-based 3D stereoscopic suite, a European first delivered in conjunction with hire firm Axis Films, writes Adrian Pennington.

“The reason Concrete invests in new technology is only ever to increase creativity,” David Cox, joint MD at Concrete explained. “In this case, providing immediate access to data across all of our suites through Genetic Engineering will significantly reduce waiting times and therefore will increase available creativity time.”

The investment in Genetic Engineering affirms Concrete’s ongoing commitment to implementing technology that reduces waiting and processing times in order to provide the maximum creative time for their clients’ projects. It will be used primarily to provide the two eQ systems at Concrete with access to shared projects, which will allow for much more efficient project handling and faster turnaround times.

Genetic Engineering is a high speed, platform-independent central storage system that increases efficiency and delivers a step change in flexibility for post and DI businesses. Additionally it could be used to power Concrete’s 3D stereoscopic suite, built and operated in-conjunction with Axis Post, part of Shepperton-based Axis Films.

“The fact that Concrete was investing in Genetic Engineering suggested that we were on the same wavelength when it came to exploring new options for our clients,” said Paul Carter, MD, Axis Films.

The 3D suite centres on a Quantel Pablo 4K iQ finishing system upgraded with Quantel’s 3D software which has the capability to post produce both images (left and right eye) at the same time, in realtime, without excessive rendering time.

“After adding the 3D software to our 4K iQ grading suite, the next step was to link-up with a West End post house,” explained Carter. “We recognise that the lines have blurred between acquisition and post, and that stereoscopic 3D makes close liaison between camera firms and post houses imperative.”

“We were interested in linking our clients with a camera company offering high end HD cameras including Red, Viper and Silicon Imaging,” said Concrete’s joint MD David Cox. “This system enhances our visual effects offering and opens up an area of great potential.”

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