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Compact Zoom attracts wide interest

16 September 2013
Compact Zoom attracts wide interest

Zeiss is showing the third and widest of its Compact Zoom lens family: the CZ.2 15-30/T2.9, which will be available for NAB.

It joins the lightweight CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 and CZ.2 28-80/T2.9 lenses, which were introduced earlier this year and have proved so popular that Zeiss has had to double its production capacity in order to reduce the lead time from six or seven months to three to four months.

"Our Compact Zoom family is the only cine-style zoom with full frame coverage [24x36mm], and we are the only ones with the interchangeable mount system [for PL, EF, F, MFT and E mounts]," said Helmut Lenhof, Zeiss product manager for Digital Cinema.

Despite the fact that lenses get bigger as their image area increases "this is still light [2.5kg] and compact," he added. Full frame coverage means they can also be used on DSLRs, and they can create a sweet spot effect and a uniformity of illumination when used on Super 35 sensors.

Pricing for the CZ.2 15-30 isn’t decided yet, but the other two Compact Zooms cost E14,900, so it should be similar and will be exactly colour matched (as they are with the Arri/Zeiss Master Prime and Arri/Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses). The CZ.2 15-30 will replace the discontinued Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2.

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