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Compact platform for bulk optical conversion

27 August 2012
Compact platform for bulk optical conversion

Evertz is expanding its range of solutions for bulk optical conversion with the 3505FR. It provides low-cost and high-density optical conversion of DVB-ASI, SDI, HD-SDI and 3 Gb/s signals. Evertz describes the 3505FR as the industry’s most compact, reliable and flexible SFP-based platform. The unit can have up to 32 or 64 dual channel Evertz SMPTE-compliant SFP modules for up to 128 optical-electrical (OE) and/or electrical-optical (EO) conversions in 2RU. The 3505FR allows for each slot to be used as a transmitter or receiver position (based on SFP), thus providing maximum flexibility in bi-directional applications. It utilises Evertz patent pending technology which places all active components on the hot-swappable SFP’s, while keeping the mounting frame completely passive for maximum reliability. The SFPs are available with 1310nm and CWDM lasers. – Michael Burns8.B40

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