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Commentator-operated OB equipment for Glensound HD Voice

1 March 2012

With the RECCE HD, Glensound has harnessed HD Voice technology and inserted it into a purpose built portable commentators unit. The RECCE HD is an evolution of the Glensound ISDN codecs such as the GS-GC5 and the GS-GC25, with Glensound HD Voice replacing ISDN for wireless voice remote broadcasting. The RECCE HD has an inbuilt three-channel mixer (mic/line), 12V phantom power and a high-quality compressor/limiter on each channel.

A three-input headphone amp allows three commentators to monitor a mix of themselves, the return audio cue, or an external input. The audio link is made over the 3G mobile phone network, no long cables or physical connections inhibiting the scope of movement or location. The unit embraces HD Voice technology, which is based on AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi Rate-Wideband) allowing a mobile phone call to be made over the 3G network. This achieves a call with 7kHz of audio bandwidth, a significant increase from the 3.4kHz previously offered by the standard GSM 2G. The extra bandwidth enhances the lower frequency response, as well as doubling the standard bandwidth, which improves the audio quality making it clearer with greater definition. “The RECCE HD is a completely wireless solution that allows a two man commentary team to report on an event, using a genuine Glensound commentary box including monitoring,” commented Glensound’s Marc Wilson. “It gives them 7kHz audio bandwidth, for less than £3,100 including Glensound HD Voice units at each end of the link.”

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