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Colourist Jason R Moffat chooses Oxygen DCT as monitor supplier

29 February 2012

Acclaimed colourist Jason R Moffat is now using 23-inch and 32-inch Penta Studiotechnik monitors, which were supplied, installed and calibrated by the UK’s Oxygen DCT. Moffat, who owns and runs a grading suite in London, was unhappy with the level of calibration he was receiving with his previous monitor, so decided to upgrade.

“Steve Shaw from LightIllusion, who provides some of my film profiles, recommended the Penta and when I approached the company for a spec they put me in touch with their UK partner, Oxygen DCT,” explained Moffat. Extensive testing was conducted before Moffat chose the 32-inch HD2line-series monitor. “I was very impressed by the colour range in the monitor and how faithfully it matched cinema projection,” he said. “What I particularly like about the Penta is the scale and response of the display, which allows me to make faster decisions on density and how much light to put in a scene without having to consult the scopes as often. Oxygen DCT’s Penta monitors are built to order, with 10-bit LCD panels and user adjustable parameters. “All the monitors in the Penta series have a long lifecycle and require minimum calibration because their factory calibration is so well within the REC709 colourimetry specifications,” said Oxygen DCT’s managing director Steve Hathaway. “These monitors deliver astonishing detail, lifelike colour and sublime results.” Moffat expects a collaborative service from Oxygen DCT. “The level of attention they gave me was vital,” he said. “They have already calibrated the unit on-site. I’ve continued to have a rewarding experience with both Penta and Oxygen DCT and I’m delighted I chose this monitor. I’ve seen very little that can touch it in terms of accuracy and size in the LCD market.”


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