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Colour correction at the height of London Marathon success

3 May 2012
Colour correction at the height of London Marathon success

Six Eyeheight CC-2M modular multi-rate colour correctors went into action during the 2012 London Marathon on Sunday 22 April. “The CC-2M colour correctors were used to process wireless video feeds from roaming cameras at various locations along the London Marathon route,” explained Eyeheight Sales Director Martin Moore. “These were linked back to an outside broadcast vehicle where they were used to ensure accurate colour matching. All six modules were housed in a single one-rack-unit chassis under local front-panel control, which is very convenient in a live transmission environment and saves a lot of space. Anyone using a colour corrector for broadcast purposes has to ensure that the adjusted signals remain within industry-agreed levels. Each CC-2M automatically legalises the signal, allowing the operator to make full use of the colour correction controls with absolute confidence.” Eyeheight’s CC-2M colour corrector is an auto-sensing SD and HD system allowing independent real-time adjustment of red, green and blue component levels, master gain, lift, gamma and hue. A preview output provides a configurable split screen showing processed and unprocessed picture. The CC-2M has a dedicated control panel that operates over Eyeheight’s I-Bus network enabling each panel to control up to six plug-in modular colour correction cards with easy channel switching. Up to eight panels can be networked. The system also includes a maintenance mode to assist installation.


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